Video Conference - Solutions

Videoconferencing technology allows two or more people at different locations to see and hear each other at the same time. This rich communications technology offers new possibilities for schools, colleges, Medical Institutions,corporate concerns like Banks,IT companies,Government Organisation etc.Placing an ISDN video call is a lot like placing a telephone call. After you connect, you see the other person in color video


Videoconferencing Applications

• Meetings

• Classrooms

• Collaboration

• Telemedicine

• Telecommuting

• Tele-education

• Judicial Applications

• Campus surveillance & Security

• K-12 Case Studies: Advanced Teaching & Learning practice

Basic Videoconferencing Technology

Videoconferencing connections may be limited to a closed network (such as a LAN) or may use public networks (such as regular phone lines). Many connect via ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) because it is an economical solution for high-quality videoconferencing. ISDN works over regular copper telephone lines, transmits at a minimum of 128 Kbps per line, and provides dedicated bandwidth for smooth audio and video (15-30 frames per second). The preferred rate for events is at least 384 Kbps.

In contrast, an Internet-based connection shares or competes for bandwidth with other Internet data, which may cause audio clipping or delays resulting in jerky video on slow networks. Many schools, libraries, and other institutions are developing high bandwidth networks and are experiencing better results with IP videoconferencing. Many believe that Internet will eventually replace ISDN as the medium of choice for videoconferencing.


As an interactive communication medium, two-way video stands out in a number of ways. First of all, it's almost like being there. The visual connection and interaction among participants enhances understanding and helps participants feel connected to each other. This goes a long way toward building relationships in a way that e-mail, telephone, or online chat systems cannot, supporting collaboration among traditionally isolated institutions.

Wherever in the world you are, whether you want to meet family face to face or do business face to face, connect to the world with our great range of video conferencing products and solutions.

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How video conferencing can be used in different areas ?

Video conferencing in Education.

ISDN video conferencing and IP based video conferencing can be used in education. It can create a virtual classroom. Lecturers from anywhere around the world can address the students thus giving the students a chance to hear some rare lectures. Campus interviews can be done on video conferencing and even group discussion can be conducted.

Advantages of having a video conferencing facility at your college
  1. You become connected to the world and you can dial to any place in India or abroad that has a video conferencing facility. It is as simple as dialing a phone.
  2. Students will get a lot of exposure on various subjects by getting lectures from many people around the world
  3. Many companies will opt for video conferencing for campus interviews thus enabling the students to have a lot of job opportunities.
  4. Professors can exchange views and ideas with other professors of different colleges that have video conferencing facilities.
  5. Virtual classrooms can be created in which professors from a far location or other colleges can interact with the students.

Video conferencing in Business

Video conferencing can be used in business in various ways. Businessman can run their business effectively by sitting in one place and have the people working under him in their control.

Advantages of having a video conferencing facility at your college
  1. The top management can have direct control on their lower level managers by conducting regular meeting.
  2. Product can be displayed and price can be negotiated with buyers or suppliers.
  3. Remote surveillance can be done through video conferencing.
  4. People can be interviewed through video conferencing .You can select efficient people from a wide choice.
  5. Verification of stocks can be done through video conferencing.

Video conferencing can be used to have a family reunion. People living abroad can meet their family members through video. Even marriage alliance can be fixed through video conferencing.

Requirements for establishing a video conferencing facility
  1. ISDN telephone lines or Broad band leased lines.
  2. Eye contact or Hi view video conferencing system
  3. A color Television or a LCD projector
  4. A furnished room space of 400 sq. feet.

Cost of setting up a video conferencing facility

It will cost about Rs. 1,00,000 to set up a basic video conferencing facility with one ISDN line and one IP line with 768 Kbps for Polycom view station. To do video conferencing with 3 ISDN line or on IP will cost around Rs.1,85,000.