Mobile Collaboration - Onsight Connect


Onsight Connect now available on iPhone and iPad

Onsight Connect is Librestream's cloud collaboration solution that includes rich collaboration software for the iPhone, iPad, PC (previously known as Onsight Expert) and Librestream Onsight mobile devices. Onsight Connect delivers a fully interactive collaboration experience that helps operations teams make decisions and solve problems where and when they occur. When more than a meeting is required, you need Onsight.

  • Interactive Collaboration features:

    1. Share live video using an iPhone, iPad or Onsight Device, optimized to perform in challenging field environments
    2. Communicate clearly with a built-in echo canceller for excellent voice quality
    3. Freeze the video or take high resolution images to analyze and discuss in more detail
    4. Use interactive telestration (drawing) capabilities to quickly bring attention to key areas
    5. Control the live camera remotely including zoom, freeze frame, image capture and lighting
    6. Support multiple Onsight session participants at one time when additional input is needed
    7. Share images and recordings with all Onsight participants to speed problem resolution
    8. Use the optional Guest Service to quickly invite a guest to join your Onsight session
    9. Record the entire Onsight session for future record keeping or training purposes
    10. Find the right contact to call by using the Global Directory
    11. Perform live video collaboration with very low bandwidth – as little as 64 kbps required
    12. Optimize performance in challenging environments with Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming and flexible media configurations
    13. Deploy Onsight on an unlimited number of iPhone, iPad, PC and Onsight devices with an option to log in to four devices simultaneously – be ready for a call anywhere
    14. Secure the communication with AES encryption, support for standard wireless security methods, call control and password protection
    15. Centrally manage the Onsight Connect user license pool with Onsight Account Manager and device configuration with Onsight Management Suite
    16. Access optional infrastructure services for a full solution using Onsight TeamLink and Onsight SIP Service. .

To install Onsight Connect for the iPhone or iPad, download Onsight Connect on the App Store. IMPORTANT: You must have an active Onsight Connect user license to login and operate Onsight Connect on your iPhone or iPad.

Contact : directly to discuss the Onsight Connect service and trial options.