Mobile Collaboration - Onsight Management Suite


Onsight Management Suite (OMS) provides the back room tools your system administrator needs to efficiently manage the network of Onsight Connect enabled endpoints through a web browser interface. It is available as a hosted service or an on premise installation.

Onsight Connect service subscribers use OMS in conjunction with Onsight Account Manager to provide comprehensive and detailed control over Onsight endpoint settings and user licenses. Administrators can use Configuration Access Control within OMS to restrict or allow user access to the configuration settings on an Onsight Connect enabled endpoint, providing secure configuration across the enterprise.

Features of the OMS application include:
  • Monitor the status of Onsight Connect endpoints
  • Control configuration profile settings on all Onsight endpoints including:
    1. Media settings
    2. Wireless network configuration
    3. Power settings, display, video, audio and call control
    4. Radio channel configuration
    5. Login security settings, SNMP, time, password policy
  • Create update packages for distribution to PC and Onsight Device endpoints on the network, containing configuration profiles, contact lists and software updates
  • Efficient delivery of new configurations or software updates to endpoints on the network